A body shop at your service in Strassen. 

Trust our experts for the maintenance and body work repairs


 A team of 13 body work technicians are at your service

Rodenbourg customer service has 2 mechanics ateliers and 1 body work atelier to answer all your maintenance needs for your sedan, utility or electric vehicles.

Protecting your car’s body work is a must to ensure proper maintenance but also to preserve the overall appearance.

Our body work atelier manages different challenges such as:

  • Windshield and glass maintenance and repairs
  • Optical Renovation
  • Plastic Bumpers maintenance et renovation
  • Body work maintenance and repairs (scratches, paint, and more).

Maintaining your vehicle is crucial to prevent car trouble but also to guarantee your safety.  However, maintaining the body work is just as important because it ensures the safety of all passengers in the event of an accident..