Experts trained in electronic diagnosis for your vehicle in Luxembourg

Trust our team trained in the diagnosis and electronic repair your vehicle

Essential electronic expertise to ensure your safety

New generation vehicles are designed with an efficient innovation logic in mind, to further reduce CO2 and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

In this way , they are equipped with complex electronic systems ensuring the smooth running of all the functions of the vehicle.

At Rodenbourg, our teams are trained in electronic diagnosis and repair, also integrating mechatronics. Equipped with electronic analysis tools, our experts can provide a preventive diagnosis and advise you on the risks related to the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Each electronic box of your vehicle being connected to a specific equipment, the electronic expertise makes it possible to prevent possible malfunctions such as overconsumption of fuel, the deterioration of the comfort of the cabin (air conditioning, heating, …), the failure some safety systems (ABS, ESP, airbags …).

Also trained in the diagnosis of electric vehicles, our experts are able to ensure the maintenance and repair of your electric cars.