A large choice of tires, parts and accessories

Our team is here to provide you with parts and accessories for your vehicle,  may we have them in stock, we can also order them for you.

We can advise you and help you choose better 

Our Rodenbourg customer service team can guide you with your selection of tires, parts and accessories for all vehicles in Luxembourg.

Tires and accessories

  • Tires, trims and rims
  • Nuts, bolts, lift and jack
  • Accessories for tire mounting (tire valves, wheel sensor and tire repairs)
  • Snow tires


  • Engine parts, cooling
  • Air conditionning and heat related parts
  • Electricity (batteries, relais, fuses, sensors, …)
  • Steering, suspension and tracking parts
  • Clutch parts and gearbox,
  • Exhaust parts
  • Braking parts
  • Filtration parts

Automobile Accessories

  • Windshield wiper,
  • Mirrors,
  • Window lifter,
  • Towing hitch and accessories,

We strive to guarantee you a wide range of parts in stock.  However, if the part you need is not in stock, our team is committed to ordering and receiving it in just a few days.
We will do our best effort to reduce the time and ensure your satisfaction which is our priority.