Autolux, car rental company of Rodenbourg group

Discover the unexpected advantages of Autolux

50 years of existence

Autolux, the Rodenbourg group’s car rental brand, is present in the Luxembourg market for short-term car and van rental for 50 years.

Short term rentals, ranging from 1 day to 12 months, cover a full range of passenger vehicles and light trucks.

A local company that offers more than a big one

Belonging to the Rodenbourg Group allows Autolux to present a number of differentiating assets.

The financial independence of the group, allows, in particular, the application of conditions to the reservation of a total and incomparable flexibility


Our offer offers moderate rates, as well as packages for your weekends and business packages for companies.

The affiliation to the Rodenbourg Group also allows Autolux to maintain a fleet of vehicles that is frequently renewed, well maintained, well equipped and varied.

Whatever your user profile, enjoy the exchange with our experienced team, stable, close to you and showing great flexibility. We guarantee a personalized service and quality.

With Autolux, we adapt to you and not vice versa!

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