Electric vehicles: An economical and durable solution

Discover the pleasure of driving in a green vehicle in Luxembourg while saving money


What are the main advantages of diving an electric car ?

One of the main advantages of driving an electric car is of course the economic gain realized at the time of purchase, but also during the entire period of use of the vehicle

Start your savings as soon as you purchase:

  • You can benefit from an ecological bonus premium, as part of the tax reform of sustainable mobility: “Zero emission” cars are eligible for the abatement of €5,000
  • Free immatriculation certificate fees with the purchase of an electric car
  • Some insurers offer discount on the electric car insurance contract, take advantage!

Daily consumption savings

  • No more fueling fees
  • Drastic reduction in mechanical maintenance costs such as oil changes
  • Parking spaces with charging terminals provided for electric vehicleses
  • Free charging stations offered by many players of the large distribution

Do you manage a fleet of companies…? Discover the benefits for companies:

  • Since 1 January 2017: Revaluation of the flat-rate benefit for service cars according to their CO2 emissions
  • Since January 1, 2018: Tax rebate for company cars, not subject to leasing, zero rolling emissions

(source : Portail du développement durable et des infrastructures)


Driving an electric car : discover a new way of life:

Beyond the economic benefits that an electric brings you, here are other non-negligeable advantages:

A driving comfort that yields new pleasures of the road

  • The absence of noise, a new sensation, gives you the pleasure of conversation
  • A speed variator for flexible and fluid driving
  • Eco mode to maximize battery life

New lifestyle

A zero emission car has much more to offer you than a financial economy.

Driving an electric car is a new lifestyle, a new way to travel and to move around.

You will enjoy living with more spontaneity, without worrying about what a trip can cost you, now leaving for the weekend on a spur of the moment can become reality.

You can take the time to discover the beautiful scenery, and much more, taking advantage of a battery recharge to go to visit beautiful regions.

You want to optimize the battery life of your electric car? All you have to do is adopt a new, more flexible and smoother way of driving to enjoy the fun of the road.

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