Bicycle, a real mean of transportation

Make sense of your travels by adopting soft cycling mobility


Why ride a bicyle? 

Because choosing this means of transportation is so much of a daily pleasure than it is a lifestyle.

Cycling mobility makes sense both from an environmental point of view but also from a health standpoint.  Cycling allows in particular to limit the nuisanses generated by the motorized traffic such as noise, air pollution, emissions of CO2     

This way of travel is widely favoured in Luxembourg thanks to:

  • national network of cycling trails of over 600kms
  • secure bicycle parking, close to public transportation


Peugeot and  bicycles

Founded in  1885, PEUGEOT Bicycles account for over 130 years of history..

Yet, the Peugeot bicycles are still very modern: The latest equipment allows you to ride in style and serenity.  Peugeot research is constantly innovating to bring you the best of technology at the service of the environment.

The Peugeot bicycles range aalies pleasure and performance.  The Result:  Impeccable quality and finish at the service of green mobility..


A range that covers all users

Peugeot is developed to cover all users:

For each user, a complete range is offered

Discover the range Peugeot Cycles

And more

Peugeot also offers an electric scooter, the eKick whose battery has a autonomy of 12 kilometers and reaching a speed of 25 km/h.

In particular, it can be coupled to a Dockstation charging station, optional with the 3008 SUV, installed in the trunk, and which allows the scooter to be recharged by rolling.

The foldable scooter is thought as a true companion of the last kilometers. You park your Peugeot 3008 outside a city, then join the city center in a scooter, without having to look for a parking spot for many hours.

More Info on the Peugeot scooter, eKick